Mini PowerPoint Pros competition

Introducing our Mini PowerPoint Pros Competition for 7-11 year olds!

Do you know a 7-11 year old who loves to be creative? Need something to keep them entertained this summer? Want them to learn some key digital skills? We’re excited to announce that our Mini PowerPoint Pros Competition is now live and ready for submissions! THE RULES Entrants to our Mini PowerPoint Pros Competition must...
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Memorability: An A-Z of effective presentations

Humans are highly forgetful. According to Hermann Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve (Ebbinghaus, 1913), when we encounter new information, we forget some of it almost instantly. For example, you may leave a webinar or meeting with your head full of new facts and figures, only to find that you can recall very little of it hours later....
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Get to know our Account Director, Catherine McElkerney

Next up in our employee series is Catherine McElkerney, one of our brilliant Account Directors. As well as ensuring clients’ projects run smoothly, Catherine also oversees our internal operations, managing many of our agency processes and activities. To find out about Catherine, have a read of her interview, below: What does a typical day at work...
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The Maxwell Rogers Glossary

Every agency uses specific terms to describe their day-to-day processes, which may seem unfamiliar to those on the outside. We thought we’d give you an insight into the lingo we use on the daily at Maxwell Rogers with our very own glossary. If you’ve worked with us before, you might have heard us slip these...
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less is more

Less is more: An A-Z of effective presentations

Less is more – four words on a slide communicate more than forty. But a lot of presenters still make the mistake of thinking that more detail is helpful to the audience. It’s not. It just means every individual word or image has to battle a little harder to be seen. When designing your presentation,...
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Keystrokes: An A-Z of effective presentations

K is for Keystrokes. With many PowerPoint hours clocked up across our business, and many last-minute deadlines, learning how to speed up those clicks has not only helped us move quicker, but has also helped to make our lives easier. Some simple keyboard shortcuts can improve ways of working and get the most out of...
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Caroline content strategist

Get to know our Content Strategist, Caroline Smee

We recently sat down with Caroline Smee, our new Content Strategist. Having made the leap from Account Direction to studio, Caroline has got stuck in to this year’s projects, and is a valuable member of the team. To find out more about Caroline, read her interview, below: What does a typical day at work look...
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maxwell rogers 8 things we've learnt

Becoming a specialist agency: the 8 most important things we’ve learnt during twenty years of Maxwell Rogers

Last year, we celebrated our 20th year of business at Maxwell Rogers. As we reflect on our journey to a specialist agency, we’ve listed the 8 most important things we’ve learnt along the way: 1.Provide pain relief Understanding client-side challenges and going the extra mile, usually at speed, is a valuable way to build lasting...
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jenni account director

Get to know our Account Director, Jenni Boyce!

It’s the start of a new year, and the Maxwell Rogers team is ready to smash it. This month, we caught up with Jenni Boyce, Account Director. Jenni joined us last year and is a valued member of the crew, always bringing a smile to our faces. To find out more about Jenni, read her...
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