Beam Suntory

Strategy, event, presentation

We work alongside Beam Suntory and their flagship brands from Jim Beam to Sourz, Maker’s Mark to Courvoisier providing design and strategy support for key stakeholders and members of the wider Beam Suntory team, creating engaging communications and telling better business stories.

Designing the ‘Roots to Results’ global sales conference in both 2016 and 2017 saw Maxwell Rogers deliver unrivaled content consultancy and presentation design across three days of speakers and breakout sessions.

Developing creative themes, working directly with the brand teams to define the strategic story, and wrapping the resulting content inside visually engaging high-impact presentation design took the event to a new level of business storytelling.

Working directly with senior stakeholders across a stable of more than 30 brands simultaneously, we were able to deliver extremely high levels of design and content consistency, and crucial levels of last minute adaptability to the changing needs of this high-profile project. The process has set the benchmark for how this annual global event is now delivered and has allowed us to build successfully on the partnership for the 2018 event, as well as other projects. We now have the privilege of working with Beam Suntory on a regular basis, helping create engaging communications that tell better business stories to important audiences.

Our unique focus, and the value we add as a result, is fueling a partnership that continues to grow.

clientBeam Suntory
sectorBeverage and alcohol
skillsIdentity, strategy, content, motion, presentation, events and conference
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