Your 5-step ABM engagement blueprint

Welcome back to our ABM blog series! In our previous post, we emphasised the importance of accurate information in laying the foundation for a successful ABM programme. Now, we will explore how to shape a compelling ABM one-to-one or one-to-few engagement blueprint. This will serve as a roadmap to ensure that marketing and sales efforts...
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ABM blog 1

ABM blog series: Account-based intelligence boosts ABM success

Building relationships is at the heart of a successful sales strategy. Whether you are looking to target a specific individual or team, or move from a transactional procurement relationship to a trusted partnership with senior leaders, you want to catch their eye and ignite the conversations that matter. Account Based Marketing (ABM) can achieve this...
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Leah maxwell, senior account executive

Meet our Senior Account Executive, Leah Maxwell

Next up in our employee series is Leah Maxwell, our lovely Senior Account Executive. Leah joined us a few months ago and supports the Account Directors with their day-to-day client communication, project management and internal operations. To find out more about Leah, read her interview below:   What does a typical day at work look...
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an astericks with digital lines through it, to represent artificial intelligence and chatgpt

ChatGPT could be a game changer, but it won’t replace human marketers

The past five months have seen a rush of ground-breaking AI launches, including Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT: an AI-powered chatbot allowing users to simulate human-like conversations with an AI. I’ve been hearing more and more about the potential of this new technology – from clients, colleagues, my spouse, on social media…. One prediction for AI even...
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nailing your narrative

Nailing your narrative: an A-Z of effective presentations

Narrative is an essential component of effective communications. It can create excitement from the mundane, clarity from complexity, and will engage your audience to a greater extent. But why is this the case? Not only does it present information in a more logical, streamlined format, but over thousands of years of communicating with the people...
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where our storytelling began

Where our storytelling began

By Maxine Rivett-Carnac, Content Director I am in my 15th year at Maxwell Rogers (MR), and during this time I’ve experienced first-hand how we have become the agency we are today – Business Storytellers. When I started working with MR, our focus was on great presentation design. Having something look good on a slide and...
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Supercharge your next pitch

At Maxwell Rogers, many of the projects we work on fall under deal-based marketing . We offer support across the whole Request for Proposal (RFP) process, from bid document executive summaries to the pitch presentation itself. Drawing on our experience, here are a few things we’ve learnt along the way about how to create a...
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Mini PowerPoint Pros competition

Introducing our Mini PowerPoint Pros Competition for 7-11 year olds!

Do you know a 7-11 year old who loves to be creative? Need something to keep them entertained this summer? Want them to learn some key digital skills? We’re excited to announce that our Mini PowerPoint Pros Competition is now live and ready for submissions! THE RULES Entrants to our Mini PowerPoint Pros Competition must...
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Memorability: An A-Z of effective presentations

Humans are highly forgetful. According to Hermann Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve (Ebbinghaus, 1913), when we encounter new information, we forget some of it almost instantly. For example, you may leave a webinar or meeting with your head full of new facts and figures, only to find that you can recall very little of it hours later....
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