Client:  Lloyd’s Register

Project type:  Strategic Storytelling / Brand Presentation / VIP and Senior Leadership Support / Marketing Support / Event Design and Content Creation / Video production / Animation

Lloyd’s Register is one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology – improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures worldwide.

In a rapidly advancing world of digital transformation Lloyd’s Register has a complex portfolio products and services that are designed to bring the shipping industry up to date and be fit for the technology challenges of the future in a connected world. The challenge facing the marketing team was to take the complexity of the products and the expertise of the product designers and translate them into relatable benefits led stories for global customers.

The scale and scope of the work to create a common narrative across the portfolio is significant. In a fast-moving world of relentless technological advancement, the ability to keep the portfolio stories fresh and relevant is essential. It requires deep product knowledge on a technical level, as well as the creative firepower to bring them to life.

We began at the very highest level and ran highly collaborative workshops with the marketing team, product directors and subject matter experts to download from them the essence of each product in the portfolio from the perspective of the customer, and the value of the products to them in a world of digital transformation on a global scale.

The workshops formed the focal point of a deep consultative process to define and refine each product story with 360° contributions from every stakeholder on the team, in real time. The outputs from these sessions were distilled into a headline narrative and extensive message matrices to allow the central story to be disseminated to multiple external and internal customer audiences according to their profile and product requirements. Once the team was fully aligned behind the central narrative and audience specific variants of the story we designed and produced all the go-to-market collateral required to equip the Lloyd’s Register sales teams to impress customers with clearly expressed, beautifully designed communications.

Brand presentation80%
Strategic storytelling100%
VIP Presentation85%
Sales Support60%

Slide Director - Lloyd's Register Everything looks absolutely fantastic, thank you so much for the late finish! The whole day has gone swimmingly with many compliments on the quality of the content once again. Slide Head of Marketing - Lloyd's Register "They are the only agency I have found that work this way. The quality and depth of the thinking is exceptional." Slide Director – Lloyd's Register "The quality of the presentations were all super high! I received many compliments last night and I am very proud of your work and focus that led to these compliments" Slide "Thank you for your contribution to a very successful global marine advisory committee. The quality of content, delivery and engagement was very high, but more importantly it told a joined up story focused on our strategy, and engendered challenging questions from the audience. The feedback I received from clients was overwhelmingly positive" Marketing Director - Lloyd's Register


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