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Meet our Creative Designer, Jamie Hernon

Next up in our employee series is Jamie Hernon, our Creative Designer. Jamie joined us at the end of last year and supports the Studio with their day-to-day creative projects. To find out more about Jamie, read his interview below: Tell us a bit about yourself. What led you to pursue a career in design?...
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Meet our Senior Account Executive, Leah Maxwell

Next up in our employee series is Leah Maxwell, our lovely Senior Account Executive. Leah joined us a few months ago and supports the Account Directors with their day-to-day client communication, project management and internal operations. To find out more about Leah, read her interview below:   What does a typical day at work look...
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Where our storytelling began

By Maxine Rivett-Carnac, Content Director I am in my 15th year at Maxwell Rogers (MR), and during this time I’ve experienced first-hand how we have become the agency we are today – Business Storytellers. When I started working with MR, our focus was on great presentation design. Having something look good on a slide and...
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Get to know our Account Director, Catherine McElkerney

Next up in our employee series is Catherine McElkerney, one of our brilliant Account Directors. As well as ensuring clients’ projects run smoothly, Catherine also oversees our internal operations, managing many of our agency processes and activities. To find out about Catherine, have a read of her interview, below: What does a typical day at work...
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The Maxwell Rogers Glossary

Every agency uses specific terms to describe their day-to-day processes, which may seem unfamiliar to those on the outside. We thought we’d give you an insight into the lingo we use on the daily at Maxwell Rogers with our very own glossary. If you’ve worked with us before, you might have heard us slip these...
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